WTF is Wednesdays at 5:30?!

Before you hyperventilate and check google calendar, you aren’t late for anything (we hope, fingers crossed, if you are, handle it and read this later.) So now that we have your attention, or have inadvertently induced a small panic attack, welcome to Wednesdays at 5:30, a newsletter that will grace your inbox and our website weekly to discuss what is happening in the wonderful world of La Detresse and its co-founders, Alana Hadid and Emily Perlstein. Why Wednesdays at 5:30? While we would like to say there is a deeper and more strategic meaning behind the name, Wednesdays at 5:30 are quite literally the time we block out in both of our insane, chaotic schedules to meet in person and discuss what is going on in our company. It’s our team meeting so to speak where we get our sh*t together, and by team, we mean the team of two which we currently are. It would be rather rude of us to invade your inbox and disrupt your shopping experience (hopefully it has been great) without introducing ourselves- we were raised better. Why don’t you let that marinate and we will check back in next week, on Wednesday at 5:30 to be exact.




Alana + Emily

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