Hey there, its been a bit, but you know how it is around the holidays we are all stressed, over worked and realizing that we have to pick perfect gifts for everyone, attend events and stay warm all while trying to be social and watch Love Actually for the 56th time- it can be brutal.


So to make it a bit easier, I’ve put together a little last minute gift guide for the people in your lives. Just a little reminder, if  you are stateside, grab some La Detresse by 12/20 to have it arrive before Christmas. If you’re overseas you should probably order today, like right now. So…here it goes… all I want for Christmas is easier gift giving- so you can just call me Santa.



Who: The Picky One


You know them, they are never happy with anything, they like to get a gift card so they can pick their gift out, they are never quite surprised, or satisfied.


The Gift: Something Cozy


Give them something they can snuggle into- no one can deny they love to be cozy, from Australia to Alabama the picky giftee can’t resist a cozy present.


A Sweat set is fashion forward and this one is so soft no one can resist, they will put it on right away and keep it on all week.


Sunrise Acid Wash Pullover


Who: The Sporty one


They spend half their day in Equinox, they have been Keto for 6 months and are on their 17th cycle of whole30. You are never quite sure if they are drinking or if you can offer them dessert.


The Gift: Something they can wear to work out and go about their day


Give these super sexy, sporty perfectionists something cool to wear that won’t look gross when they leave the gym and meet friends at Wholefoods for a shake. You love them, even if you hate how amazing their abs are, getting them something they will of course look amazing in.


Charcoal Acid Wash Crop TeeCharcoal Acid Wash Bike Short


Who: The Cool Parent


Their Instagram story is thousands of frames filled with all the cool things their kids are doing. You had no idea there were even that many events in your town to attend with kids. They manage to look amazing, dress their child like a rock star and teach them 3 languages. You basically wish they were your parent…..or maybe they ARE your parent.


Gift: What does every cool person need, a cool jacket. Duh..


Savage Acid Wash Jacket

Whoever you are shopping for, keep it simple. Grab something comfy, order it online and sit back.


Order La Detresse by 12/20 to grab it before Christmas for domestic orders and by midnight tonight for International orders.


And keep in mind, if they don’t love it…keep it for yourself :)






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