Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

So Happy to see you again, welcome back to our Wednesday night
meeting, its 5:30 get your laptop open, google docs, and notebooks. I
usually forget my notebook, have to borrow a pen and my laptop is dead
LOL, yup its me Alana. So, in honor of a little organized chaos I’m
going to talk a little about our ACID DROP collection.

First off, no I’m not condoning drug use, I’m talking about our Acid
Wash collection that we Dropped in September. One of the most amazing
parts of designing a line, is making my fashion whims come to reality.
Emily and I dropped a tie dye collection and absolutely adored it.
Afterward it sent my creative juices into overdrive, if we loved this
amazing trend from the 60s and 70s so much what else was out there
that I could twist and make my own. After a bit of research, aka movie
watching, day-dreaming and scrolling through pantone books, it came to
me…ACID WASH. But its been done, you might say, sure. I wanted to play
with it a little more, paint it instead of splatter, add graphics and
play with the effects.

What emerged from my jump down the rabbit whole was a collection of
pieces that I adore all clinching on the perfect denim jacket. Each
pieces is hand dyed, hand acid washed and hand printed. It’s a crazy
thing to see your ideas become reality and jump from the back of your
brain onto people it’s a pretty trippy experience. Go check out the
Acid Drop collection and let me know what you think.

See you next time


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