California Love

LA, the city of angels, not everyone lives here, but if you do, you know how it feels.
If you don’t reside in Los Angeles, I’m sure you have your notions, good or bad. People love to talk about what LA is "actually" like. TBH, it's normally pretty great-but sometimes, like anywhere, it's incredibly stressful. I know...I know, the weather is perfect, the people are beautiful, everything can be juiced and it's all organic and locally sourced, but everything has its down side….The traffic, the lines, the air quality should have required us to be wearing masks way before the onset of coronavirus. Sometimes, even the constant great weather can get to you. The name for our newest collection wasn’t inspired by these California plights, it was inspired by my friend constantly and consistently saying La Detresse (L-ah De-tress) wrong, which by the way, is French for Distress. Either way he butchered it 10 ways to Sunday and finally started calling it LA Stress. I couldn’t help but laugh and the wheels started turning. LA is a mix of all the best and worst, that’s what makes it gorgeous and why I love living here. We named the colors “Sunset After Dark” and “Malibu Sand,” the clothes convey mine and Emily’s west coast sensibility with a hint of our east coast sarcasm.  

 We hope you love the L.A. Stress collection for all that it is, really great clothes made comfortable and cool. 


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