We meet again! It is Wednesday at 5:30 and it happens to be a particularly special Wednesday for Alana and me- today La Detresse turns 2!! Side note- a perk of starting your own company means you inherit another pseudo-birthday without all of the heavy weird feelings some of us associate with getting older every year, just saying. Anyways, in honor of our baby’s birthday here is a look back at some of our most favorite moments over the past 2 years. We hope you enjoy this walk down memory lane and throw on your favorite piece for whatever fabulous plans you have tonight. Me, I have a glamorous date with my inbox, laundry and this new rubberizing face mask I will probably have to phone a friend to figure out how to use. It’s about to get wild over here.



Our launch shoot with The Coveteur who perfectly captured our essence. Fun fact, this was on a trip to NY to do desk sides with editors to show them our collection for the first time. Our suitcases **with our collection inside** got lost. Alana on I were on the verge of a meltdown in baggage claim, but it all worked out!

Caroline Vreeland is such a badass, she was actually the inspiration behind our cropped jackets. We had just launched and were planning on cropping our next production of jackets. She loved the Famous Last Name jacket and asked if we would be offended if she cut it herself. Um, never. She looks dope and made us jump on it and start cropping immediately. Also can I look like that when I go on a wine run?

It is hard to play favorites when you love every piece in your collection, but the Resitch Crop has always been my number one. It is the must distressed jacked we have made and is so soft. It was amazing to see Gigi rocking it.

Art Basel! This was our first pop up and where we debuted our tiedye collection. Also Miami is amazing, I was going through a breakup and we had the best time.

Fast forward 3 pop ups later and here we are in Venice at our Pre-Burn event in August. Over the summer we were part of a concept store called The Key on Abbot Kinney that our amazing friends Ruby and Tallulah Isaacs of We Are Leone organized. It was amazing to be featured alongside women owned LA based RTW and accessories companies.

And here we are present day at our NYFW Acid Drop launch party!! I can honestly say this was one of the best nights of my life. Both of our families were there (no small feat) and we were surrounded by friends that have supported us from day one. We were interviewed by Vogue (casual) Vanity Fair and WWD. It was magic chaos that we could have never dreamed of.


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